What is the Burghal Hidage?

As a historical reference the Burghal Hidage was a feudal defense system established by the Saxons in the early tenth century against Viking invaders.  For the purposes of this site it is more of a symbol for what is today and what may be to come.  If you follow over time you will come to understand that it refers to a number of things, past, present and future.

This Burghal Hidage is a concept, a forum dedicated to the ideal of personal liberty.  It is an observer,  a chronicle of the slow and steady descent to an end which Eliot warned comes “not with a bang but a whimper”.  This will feature a series of essays designed for eyes that look, but do not see. In time it will expand and connect to a broader vision. At the end you will see the truth of it.

Welcome to the place where we all arrive at the end of a day’s ride….