The Ship of Fools


via Daily Prompt: Unmoored


Safe at the quay

Where the cargo was stored

When at end of the day

Our ship came unmoored

There were none at the rails

It was too late before

We could run up the sails

We were drifting from shore

The Captain asleep

The crew drunken from rum

Cast off for the deep

Deaf, Blind and Dumb

The stream current did flow

To carry us toward

A place that none know

Our ship was unmoored

A northeast wind foul

As the tempest it came

Like the Banshee howl

That no hand may tame

Chum in the water

Blood on the deck

Like lambs to slaughter

A noose ’round our neck

Rose higher the storm

Pelting hard rain

A whirlpool did form

To Poseidon’s domain

No treasure awaits

There is no reward

And no fury abates

When the ship goes unmoored

So choose wisely your men

Hold fast to the helm

That you be not condemned

To that watery realm

The voyage uncharted

The destination not yours

When from port you have parted

On a ship left unmoored







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