Patterns within patterns within…

via Daily Prompt: Pattern


Patterns that form free

Patterns that we see

Those that show in the stars

and those that bring us where we are

There are patterns we know

and patterns that don’t show

They are concealed to eyes still blind

Unrevealed in the human mind

Yet the seeing eye can still resist

Deny what is there; It does not exist

There are patterns made and patterns random

Accept or refuse, these work in tandem

With belief or faith or intuition

Bring these shapes into fruition

Some may see and some may not

Patterns only live in thought

Like the tree in the forest

“Does it make a sound?”

When unobserved, no one around?

As it crashes to the ground?

If there’s none to care

are they there?

These patterns shown

They may be known

To eyes that are observing

Yet for those who sleep

Will as secrets keep

In the dark and undeserving





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